Charterhouse Square

In 2013 the Governors of the Charterhouse embarked on a campaign to open parts of the Charterhouse (established c.1375) to the public, and to improve dramatically the landscape of their garden square. The square is an unusual urban oasis which kept its ‘ancient impenetrability’ and ‘partakes of the air of a cathedral close, at one remove from urban bustle nearby’. The principal aims of our landscape scheme have been to improve significantly the quality of the Charterhouse precinct - and its landscape setting in particular – with a view to enhancing its secluded, precinctual air; to strengthen the visual and physical link between the square’s central garden and the Charterhouse and other buildings that surround the square; to promote greater public access to the central private garden by opening it on a regular basis; to increase the area of the central garden by reducing significantly the number of car parking spaces within the enclave; to make the gardens a more attractive and welcoming space to passers-by, residents of the square and potential visitors to the Charterhouse; and to encourage biodiversity through the introduction of semi-natural planting around the margins of the central garden, including planting a traditional country ‘quickset’ hedge alongside the perimeter railings. The garden was completed in 2017.